Meet The Girls




Age: 32

Years Surfing: 20+ years

Ocean Experience: 10 years as an ocean lifeguard, junior lifeguard instructor and water bug from birth as my dad is an ocean lifeguard too.

Hobbies: Yoga, swimming, reading, writing, my dogs and surfing with my friends.

Favorite thing about teaching surfing: Introducing people to the joy and freedom of the ocean is an incomparable feeling. I love seeing the smiles on faces and the bravery it takes to learn something new. It is inspiring to me.




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Age: 23

What drew me to surfing: I was a fish since I was a little baby. My parents had me in the ocean and pool very early. I've always been drawn to the ocean and had cousins who surfed; I wanted to be just like them.

Hobbies: Photography, surfing, any ocean activity, snow boarding, traveling and hanging with kiddos.

What I love most about the ocean: The ocean is one of the most fun places to be. It is a place with no distractions and provides moments of peace. It has allowed me to become strong, independent and introduced me to passions that will last a life time.




Age:: 30

Years Surfing: 15 Years

Hobbies: painting, teaching art as a middle school teacher, playing guitar hiking, running and of course, surfing!

What I love most about the ocean: What I love most is the tranquility and being able to let all my worries drift away when I'm in the water. The ocean is my home.