Girls Wave Riding provides a one of a kind environment for girls and women to learn ocean safety and the sport of surfing.

We are NOT a surf camp.

We only offer private 1:1 lessons and small groups up to 3 of friends or family.



We keep our program simple and small to ensure excellent  personalized instruction, safety and to respect our local beaches and surf community. 

We operate throughout Monmouth County and we can bring surf lessons to your location depending upon each towns beach regulations.


We also have our favorite local spots.


Our all female staff offers compassionate and knowledgeable instruction as students learn the fundamentals of surfing with personal ocean instruction. Each surfer is encouraged to learn at their own pace and within their own comfort level. We find this philosophy allows each surf student to build their skills with true confidence.

.Ocean safety is a key element of our program.

We whole heartily believe learning how to respect and understand the local surf community is a key element to understanding the sport of surfing in NJ and around the world. 

We teach that the best surfing is safe surfing and the ocean safety tools our surfers learn can be used as they grow to explore beyond our program.

All surfers are taught and given the opportunity to integrate the following Ocean Safety knowledge:

  • Observing the movement of the water (daily current, rip currents, tides) and determining where it would be safe to enter the ocean and how this constantly changing ocean effects our own movements in the water.

  • Identifying, navigating and getting out of a rip current.

  • Safe ways to enter the ocean with and without a surfboard.

  • " When in doubt, don't go out." As we build students ocean confidence by implementing safe practices, we emphasize how important it is to only swim when it's safe: with an adult, in front of a lifeguard, with a flotation device.

  • Always put on your surf helmet when falling, covering the head and face during a wipe out and how to safely fall.

  • Techniques to effectively paddle over and through the waves in different ocean conditions.

  • Turning around with a surf board in the water while surfing and when managing a board on the beach to paddle back out.

  • Different paddle techniques such as knee paddling

  • Catching waves and using a surf board independently based upon comfort level

  • Proper surf technique: body and foot placement, parts of the board, timing the waves etc.

  • Understanding the rules of a lineup (surfers waiting for waves) and how to surf in a crowd while respecting experienced surfers